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Fresh Fish

Starfishmongers, Quality Wet Fish & Shell Fish Brentwood, Essex.

Wet Fish EssexStarfishmongers is a small family run business, dedicated to maintaining the traditional values of quality, fresh food produce.

The day begins at 3am when we travel to Billingsgate Market to source the freshest and wherever possible local catch of the day.
The fish available in the shop is thus dictated by availability, freshness, quality and price.
If a fish doesn’t meet our own high standards i.e. would we eat it and is it of a high enough quality and value for money for our customers, it doesn’t feature in the shop that day. Thus the choice is ever changing depending on these factors.

We are, as all our customers have come to know, fanatical about food (not limited to fish) David started work as a butcher at the age of 16 serving for 6 years before switching to fishmongery for the last 30 years, now based in the shop at Calcott Hall Farm, Ongar Road, Brentwood, Essex, along with Jason who is very well schooled in fishmongery having been a fishmonger for 15 years, very friendly, and knowledgeable about cooking.

The shop atmosphere is one of friendship and we have built close relationships with our customers, David is never happier than when he is helping a customer create a dinner party menu or a fish tea for the kids. He truly believes even the simplest meal should be an enjoyable experience for those cooking and those eating. David is a marvellous cure for those terrified by the thought of cooking fish, he will prepare it to order and will help by giving step by step advise as to the cooking and ingredient process upon request. This collusion works both ways and our customers frequently contribute to our ever growing knowledge and recipes.

Take a look at our website to find our latest fish recipes, read about the various wet fish and shell fish we stock, or take a look at the contact page to find where we are and how to visit our shop.