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It’s been ten years since we first opened the doors at Starfishmongers and new things are happening!
We have opened our kitchen and our range of ready prepared meals are designed especially for you to take the pressure away from mealtimes. Already on the menu are our firm favourites:

Fish pie , Fish cakes (made with 75% fresh cod), Coquille St Jaques , Fish lasagne and Seafood Tagliatelle.

We still have a wide range of the freshest wet fish available and a large selection of shellfish and we are offering discounts with our new loyalty card. With spring and summer just around the corner we are busy developing our barbecue offers so follow us on Face book to find out more you can also find out what we have to offer on the day.

Fresh Fish

Cod, Haddock, Skate, Rock Eel, Plaice, Bass, Bream, Lemon Sole, Dover Sole, Turbot, Brill, Flounder, Halibut, Megrim, Gurnard, Mackerel, Spratts, Sardines, Herrings, Skate Cheeks, Salmon, Trout, Brown Trout, Hake, Tuna, Sword Fish, King Fish, Barracuda, Barramundi, Snapper, Red Mullet etc

Smoked Fish

Haddock, Kippers – Scottish and Manx, Mackerel, Bloaters, Buckling, Smoked Roe, Finnan Haddock, Arbroath Smokies, Hot Smoked Salmon, Smoked Spratts etc

Shell Fish

Fresh Peeled Prawns/Mediterranean Prawns/Crayfish, Brown Shrimps, Rope Grown/Wild Mussels, Razor Clams, Palorde/Venus Clams, Maldon/Colchester Oysters, Native Oysters, Dived Scallops, Cockles, Whelks, Winkles, Jellied Eels, Mixed Sea Food, Baby Octopus, Roll mops , Soused Herrings, Fresh Dressed Crabs, Fresh Cooked Crabs, Fresh Cooked Lobster etc

Sundry Goods

We stock dried pasta and rice, various fish cooking sauces and fish friendly condiments (seafood, tartare sauce etc) to compliment your fish.

Also now ask about our home made frozen products.
All above is stocked subject to availability, to check if a specific item is available on the day it is always wise to telephone in advance.

What We Stock
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